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This teacher is going viral with her very unusual anatomy lesson

Get your clothes off in the name of anatomy.

ANATOMY CAN BE a tricky subject. All those body parts and joints and… functions.

Dutch biology teacher Debby Heerkens decided to give her students a lesson they’d never forget.The third year class didn’t know where to look when she pulled off her outfit to reveal a full anatomically correct bodysuit.

12079160_1012634095455460_7193828452401304395_n Source: Groene Hart Scholen

As one particular tabloid might say, she flaunted her large intestine by squeezing into a thigh-hugging spandex suit of muscle.

12116017_1012634118788791_5008094246767054844_n Source: Groene Hart Scholen

But she wasn’t done there. Underneath THAT, was another suit, with a skeleton.

The teacher admit that her students were slightly taken aback, but said she had run the lesson by the school director before pulling off her kit.

She told CNN that once they realised she had something under her clothes, they all began to calm down.

The teacher of seven years has been widely praised for her unusual lesson, with a video of the reveal posted to Facebook ranking up over 112,000 views.

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