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Angry elderly woman prevents UK jewellery heist (Video)

Woman attacked would-be thieves with her handbag, distracting them and leading to their arrest.

The woman, dressed in red, attacks the gang.
The woman, dressed in red, attacks the gang.
Image: YouTube

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AN ELDERLY WOMAN HAS foiled would-be jewellery thieves as they attempted to smash the window of a shop in Northampton yesterday morning.

The six people arrived on a motorbike and scooters, and began beating on the windows of a jewellery store with sledgehammers while passers-by stood looked on.

However, one woman was determined to do her bit for crime prevention. After running down the street to Michael Jones’ Jewellers, she swung her handbag at members of the gang and distracted them from their attempts to rob the store.

Other bystanders then got involved, grabbing one of the men and preventing him from leaving the scene.

Police later said that they arrested four men, aged 18, 22, 25 and 39, in connection with the robbery, including the man who was held by the crowd. They are still searching for two other men who arrived at the scene on a motorbike.

No injuries were reported and the gang did not take anything with them when they fled.

The elderly woman told the Northampton Chronicle & Echo that she initially thought some of the gang were attacking someone, and said she couldn’t stand by and watch someone “take a beating or worse”. She said she became even more angry when she realised it was a robbery “in broad daylight”.

The newspaper did not name the woman, who said she does not think she is a hero and just wants to be left in peace.

The Chronicle also spoke to the man who videoed the event. Cameraman Ben Jacobson was filming a documentary across the street when the incident took place. He said he was concentrating so hard on filming unfolding events that when police interviewed him about what had happened, he had to look back over the video to check.

Watch the woman (wearing a red coat) tackling the gang below:

Video posted by SuperSteza

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