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6 angry responses to Arthur's Day

Not everyone approves of raising a glass ‘to Arthur’.

THIS THURSDAY, WE’RE raising a pint to Arthur.

Or are we?

The backlash against Diageo and Arthur’s Day 2013 has been gaining major traction online, with many pledging to boycott the celebrations on Thursday and are even calling on bands to donate their fees to alcohol abuse charities.

Here are six people who certainly won’t be picking up the black stuff on the 26th.

1. @AntiArthursDay Twitter account



2. Christy Moore

Moore’s Arthur’s Day song is due to be released on the day itself, and doesn’t look at the event in a favourable light, with lyrics such as:

Arthurs Alcoholiday is comin’ round again/He’s the patron saint of porter canonised by the Advertisin’ Men.

Source: ChristyMooreOfficial

3. The Waterboys

They’ve released a song too, and the lyrics are just as flattering

Twas Arthur’s Day in Dublin and the streets ran green with puke/Twas Arthur’s Day in Dublin and the streets ran gold with pee.

Source: mickpuck

Viewing on mobile? Click here to listen.

 4. The maker of this grim parody Guinness ad

Source: aksnaps

Via Reddit

5. The Boycott Arthur’s Day Facebook

With 4,000 likes and counting.

boycott Source: Facebook/Boycott Arthur's Day

6. The creator of this billboard

billboard Source: Facebook/Boycott Arthur's Day

 Christy Moore to release anti-Arthur’s Day single>

Why are people saying ‘Down with Arthur’s Day’?>

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