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12 menacing animals that simply must be stopped

Today they make the headlines, tomorrow they make you pay.

THESE ANIMALS ARE losing the run of themselves. STOP THE MADNESS.

1. This seagull, with no respect for personal property

tumblr_lnb1f0hnvO1qb59tko1_500 Source: Tumblr

2. These pigeons who are attempting to take over

bhp7g Source: Imgur

3. This sausage dog who answers to no one

BRp0qb4CUAEUL5f Source: Paulekington

4. The pup who knew exactly what he was doing

9XbzztT Source: Imgur

5. This otter monster

devil-3 Source: DailyEdge.ie

6. These crows who are sick of your crap

EpbGdkh Source: Imgur

7. The bear who just wanted to party


8. This deer who knows nothing of fear


9. The seagull who committed one of the worst crimes known to man

BiRv_ugIEAAiUT- Source: DavidJEWood

10. The tortoise that tried to evade the law

Z04uISh Source: Imgur

11. This bear who doesn’t give one single… bother

0iuNeiu Source: Imgur

12. This otter, which is the face of evil itself

VhkU9 Source: Imgur

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