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5 animals on skateboards who deserve their moment in the sun

‘Cat boarding cat’ is getting all the glory. Let’s spare a thought for these guys.

THE INTERNET IS abuzz with love for this ‘cat boarding’ video at the moment.

We’re not really surprised, it is gas.


He’s just so laissez-faire about rolling by on a skateboard, in a box.  You can almost hear him saying, ‘What are you clowns looking at?’

However, we can’t help but feel there is an injustice being done here.  What about all the other skateboarding animals?  When is their time to shine?

Someone please spare a thought for this budgie on a skateboard

He’s on his own skateboarding ramp for God’s sake!


What about this rabbit, casually cruising on wheels?

He’s like, ‘AIN’T NO THANG.’


Or this miniature horse teaching a collie how to use a skateboard?


Neo can go down steps on his board, no bother to him

Neotuxedo LEE

This eastern painted turtle is living fast with no fear of dying young


So, let’s just spare a thought for these guys and all they have done for the animal skateboarding world, shall we?  Yes.

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