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10 animals that are smarter than you think

Their intelligence is sorta starting to scare us.

ANIMALS AREN’T ALWAYS as clueless as they’d have us believe.

In fact, some of them are more functional than a lot of human adults.

For example:

1. These crafty raccoons teaming up to reach the bird feeder

So I set my deer feeder high off the ground so the raccoons couldn't reach it... - Imgur Source: Imgur

2. This sneaky squirrel tricking the vending machine

smart-squirrel-raids-vending-machine Source: Damn

3. This monkey that does the right thing and pays for his tasty beverage

Source: Distractify247

4. This dog building steps to reach his food

Source: eveforme

5. This dog trying to get over the fence

201305231156_1369328199.991495 Source: Gifstache

6. This otter playing basketball

51133-otter-basketball-gif-agTj Source: Pandawhale

7. This literate dog

Source: Joe Jenkins

8. This bear making off with a dumpster buffet

0wbFdAh Source: Imgur

9. This jail-breaking cow

1308591496_clever_cow_makes_an_escape Source: Gifbin

10. This solution-based bird

CleverBird-11170 Source: Lolsnaps

But remember, for every smart animal, there’s one that isn’t so bright

animal-fail Source: Wordpress

Is this the most elaborate, cringe-worthy proposal video ever?>

Love/Hate cat to appear on tonight’s Late Late Show>

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