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11 things that instantly annoy people from Dublin

The roars of the Viking Splash Tour as they pass you with their pointy hats.

1. People walking really slowly up and down Grafton street

pleasewalkslower Source: flickr

“Don’t mind me treading on your heels. I have nowhere to be.”

Grafton Street tends to be where the worst offenders are found, but it can strike every major thoroughfare this city has to offer.

2. And the massive circle around buskers with just a tiny avenue to walk past

onceindublin Source: Twitter

Buskers are great, yes, but we need to tighten the circle for the sake of our collective sanity.

3. Chuggers being painfully polite to you on every corner

chuggers Source: Twitter

They’re too charming. Don’t look directly at them.

4. Mentioning Bono consistently when talking about the city

Source: Tumblr

Yep, U2.

5. Temple Bar being seen as the go-to night out area by tourists

BtNlQ24IUAEaTe3 Source: Mike Hogan


6. Dublin buses magically disappearing from the automated timetable

timetable Source: Twitter

And like that… the bus has gone into the ether, never to be seen again.

7. Having to tell a friend who doesn’t live in Dublin how much rent you have to pay each month

hermione-granger-shake-my-head-gif Source: Wp

“How much are you paying these days?”

“Eh, well…”

8. The fact that coddle doesn’t have worldwide recognition at this stage

giphy Source: Giphy

Why? How?

9. Finding that there are no Dublin bikes left

Plans ruined.

10. The sight of a flock of exchange students making their way slowly through the narrow streets

ITALIAN STUDENTS Source: infomatique

Is there a more feared sight for Dubliners?

11. And finally… the roars of the Viking Splash Tour as they pass you with their pointy hats

Dublin, Co. Dublin - Ireland Source: Mic V.


It was fun the first few times, but not the 826th.

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