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The 7 most annoying photos on your Facebook right now

Recognise any of these?
Nov 22nd 2013, 9:29 PM 41,787 48

THIS SEASON IS a special one for lots of reasons.

But especially for the new crop of annoying photos it brings to your Facebook feed. Recognise any of these?

1. The Christmas Shopping Photo

Source: eyeliam

Typically somebody’s haul of shopping bags, complete with the announcement that they’ve bought every gift they could possibly require by the beginning of November. They’ve probably baked the Christmas cake as well.

Induces panic and feelings of inferiority in all who witness it. OH MY GOD I HAVEN’T BOUGHT A SINGLE THING.

2. The Autumn Leaves Photo

Source: warrenski

The colours are nice! I put a vintage filter on it! LEAVES!

3. The Sleeps to Christmas Photo

Source: infomatique

Most usually accompanied by a photo of men in hi-vis vests stringing the Christmas lights in mid-October.

Who are these people, and why do they calculate everything in sleeps?

4. The Winter Fashion Photo

Source: Shutterstock

These start to appear around mid-November, as lovely winter coats are purchased and require admiration. YES, YOUR NEW WINTER COAT IS LOVELY. IT’S LOVELY. WE ALL LIKE IT.

5. The 12 Pubs Photo

Source: Shutterstock

6. The Sniffle Update Photo

Source: Adrian Purser

Oh, a photo of some Lemsip/your mug of tea/your puffy face? Please describe your symptoms in greater detail while we scan Facebook on our lunch hour. No, really.

7. And finally, the Smug Fireplace Photo

Source: Bruno Girin

Always a fireplace, usually a glass of wine, sometimes some sock-clad feet. “TGIF! Fire lit, glass of wine, toasty warm.”

Somehow these statuses always appear as you shiver by your 1990s-era storage heater, trying to remember how to work the controls and wondering are two duvets a bit much for 6pm.


What have we missed? Let us know in the comments…

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