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# Annoying

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# Annoying
Ireland's boxers handed extremely tough draws in Tokyo
Though things landed nicely for Kellie Harrington and Aidan Walsh, their team-mates will all face unenviable opposition in their opening bouts.
# despite all my rage
18 everyday moments that are guaranteed to send you into an irrational rage
Deep breaths.
# Office space
12 terrible people that definitely work in your office
Office politics: More fraught than actual politics.
# Dubai
Rogue drone forces closure of one of the world's busiest airspaces
Flights were diverted and others delayed after the drone entered airport boundaries.
10 things everyone needs to stop doing on social media in 2016
# get wrecked
9 wreck-the-heads you are guaranteed to meet at Electric Picnic
Because nothing’s perfect.
# street juice
11 daily inconveniences all Dubliners must face
Where is the south side Penneys? Where is it?
# chicargo
10 common mispronunciations that are guaranteed to drive you up the wall
Just leave us here to cry.
# why god why
16 of the most infuriating tiny moments in life
aaaaaaARRRRRRGH. *hulk smash*
# love u bb
Those annoying couples on Facebook? They stay together longer
Sorry, everyone else.
# mr taxi man
11 things you should never do to a taxi driver again
# passenger 15A
This woman wrote an open letter to the smelly airline passenger behind her and it's wonderful
We’ve all felt this rage.
# Fitness
5 problems that only cyclists can relate to
‘Doing the Tour de France are you?’
# third wheeling it
9 strange and annoying things all your couple friends do
All the gooseberries in the house, put your hands up!
# party down
The 11 people you never want to meet at a house party
There’s always one (or five).
# down the pub
Are You The Annoying Person At The Pub?
Do you share your crisps? DO YOU SHARE YOUR CRISPS?
Paris museums move towards ban on selfie sticks
# Drive Me Crazy
The Most Annoying 'Would You Rather?' Quiz Ever
We don’t want to disgust you this time. Just test your patience.
# poke me
How Annoying Are You On Social Media?
Are you a Facebook saint or a Twitter headwreck? Take the quiz and find out.
# Annoying
Watch Irish people talk about the mad things that annoy them
“People who say SAMWIDGE.”
# Thorn in the side
5 ways John Bruton has probably annoyed the government over the last few years
While Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen largely maintain their silence, the former Fine Gael leader and taoiseach has been outspoken in recent years.
# Festivals
The 16 most annoying things people going to musical festivals do
It was “magical”, was it?
# we can't
10 everyday signs that the world is conspiring against you
We just never learn.
# you monsters
7 Brutally Honest Graphs And Charts That Show How Annoying You Are
Don’t even bother trying to hide it.
# sister sister
11 times your siblings drove you absolutely insane
Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.
# life is unfair
9 of life's worst little injustices
We were right as teenagers. Life really is unfair.
# Ready to go
The 6 most annoying things EVER about phone credit
“Sorry, I had no credit.”
# The Rage
US town makes it legal to annoy people on purpose
Basically, they’ve legalised your younger brother.
# whassssaaaaaaap
These are the worst things people do in a WhatsApp group
Come on people, be sound!
# loud noises
9 phrases you frequently want to shout at people but really shouldn't
If you did, you’d be terribly unpopular.
# u ok hun
6 rage-inducing words that will definitely trend on Facebook
Facebook is doing trending topics now. Goody.
# meeting schmeeting
11 elements of workplace meetings which make them inarguably hellish
The pointlessness… dear god, the pointlessness.
# new year new you
Here are the New Year's resolutions you should ACTUALLY make
Forget the traditionals, these are changes that really need to be made.
# Annoying
8 things you're definitely sick of hearing by now
Deck the halls with – SHUT UP.
# peace on earth
The essential 'Christmas at home' survival guide
All this time with your family can be tricky, here are a few tips to make it easier.
# e-cart
10 pains of online shopping that everyone will understand
Convenient Christmas shopping has never been so terrifying.
Prank demonstrates best way to deal with irritatingly loud public phone conversations
Watch and learn.
# Dude stop!
Who knew cats and parrots were such mortal enemies?
Cats do not like parrots. At all.
# failbook
The 7 most annoying photos on your Facebook right now
Recognise any of these?
# internal rage
7 enraging habits you're not allowed give out about
Oh no, please, sneeze again.