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The face that everyone in Grand Rapids will soon be making. TheStaceys1
The Rage

US town makes it legal to annoy people on purpose

Basically, they’ve legalised your younger brother.

PEOPLE WILL SOON be allowed to intentionally annoy each other in the Michigan city of Grand Rapids, after local authorities announced plans to lift a decades-old law.

The Grand Rapids Press reports that the City Commission is nixing a 38-year-old section of city code that states “no person shall willfully annoy another person.”

City Attorney Catherine Mish recommended repealing the language, saying the wording is vague and “simply unenforceable.”

The kind of sibling-related activity that will soon be legal in Grand Rapids

However, even with the change, related crimes such as obstructing someone in a public place or assault would still be on the books.

It’s not yet known whether it will be permissible to wave your hands in someone’s face while shouting “Not touching, can’t get mad.”

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