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What Annoying Person at the NYE Party Are You?

You’re annoying, but we’ll tell you exactly HOW annoying.

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1. First of all, what are your plans for NYE?
I have none
A house party, rager style

A quiet house gathering
Going out on the town

A dinner with some friends
I'm staying in to eat and watch telly with my significant other
2. Do you like New Years?
No, I hate it
Yes, love it

Not particularly
3. Pick a drink to have on NYE



A nice whiskey
4. Will you have someone to kiss as the clock strikes 12?
Yes definitely
No :(

I will find someone
5. Pick a song to dance in the new year with
The Black Eyed Peas - I Got A Feeling
Just Dance - Lady Gaga

Celebration - Kool and the Gang
Auld Lang Syne

Drake - Hotline Bling
These are all shite options
I'm stubborn
I don't think before I act sometimes

I'm too loud and never shut up
I hate people

I'm almost too much craic
I'm too eager to please

I don't drink
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The one that arrives way too early
Jesus, we're not even ready yet and there you are knocking on the door like an eager beaver. You don't get out much, do you?
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The one who wrecks everything
You smash through a houseparty like a wrecking ball. The host can say bye bye to their deposit if they're renting. A night isn't over until you break the fridge for the craic.
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The one that plays their shite music all night
You can't deal with this pop crap and how happy it makes people, so you've decided to take over the Spotify with your obscure indie playlists that sound suspiciously like the wind. Paaarty!
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The singer
No, we don't want to hear Wonderwall. Why did you bring your acoustic guitar to a sesh, you monster?
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The loose one
You're desperate for a New Year's kiss and you'll do anything to get it, even if that means attempting to score everyone else's partners.
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The fighter
You can't finish a night without screaming the head off someone for something they may or may not have done to you. Here's a new year's resolution for you: chill.
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The random one no one knows
You kinda just heard about this party from an acquaintance and found yourself at a loose end. Everyone is kinda looking at you funny and you definitely stole one of their cans from the fridge.
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The crier
You start crying when you're happy, sad, angry, thirsty, tired, whatever. You cry at midnight because you're so grateful it's the new year, but then you cry during that crying because you have no one to kiss.
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