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#any use?

I tried Boots' lowest rated washout hair dye to see if it was any use

“I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa …”

I tested some of Boots' lowest rated makeup to see if it was actually any use

So, just how accurate are user reviews?

Is Aldi's charcoal mudmask a patch on GlamGlow? We put it to the test

Aldi is giving GlamGlow a low-cost challenge.

I tried rubbing CBD oil on my feet like a celeb to see if it helped me last the day in heels

If it’s good enough for the celebs …

I tried a universal shade of lip liner to see if it's any use

It’s award-winning too.

We tried Mr. Price's best-selling beauty products to see if they're any use

Is the quality worth the minuscule price tag?

We tried a whole heap of Note Cosmetics products to see if they're any use

Does the brand deliver luxury on a budget?

Penneys now have their own dupe for Stila's liquid eyeshadows, but are they any use?

There’s a €25 price difference.

Battle of the micellar waters: Which comes out on top?

Before you buy another bottle, read this.

We tested Mavala's €10 lash serum to see if it's any use

Did it give me longer, denser, stronger lashes?

We tested out some Carter Beauty makeup products to see if they're any use

Is the tan mogul set to take over the makeup world with her line?

We tried some of MooGoo's most popular products to see if they're any use

Would you use a moisturiser inspired by udder cream?

Does Aldi's glycolic acid toner dupe rival the world famous Pixi Glow Tonic?

We put them to the test.

Magnetic lashes are taking the beauty world by storm, but are they any use?

Would you swap your wispies for these?

So, here's what happened when I got clip-in veneers

Now, we can all look like Jack from Love Island.

How does Penneys Insta Girl matte balm compare with MAC's Matte cream for lipstick?

We’re putting them to the test.

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