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We tested Mavala's €10 lash serum to see if it's any use

Did it give me longer, denser, stronger lashes?

(The Mavala lash serum was gifted to the writer, with no promise of a positive review in exchange.)

NOWADAYS, IT SEEMS all we want is more when it comes to makeup. More glow from our highlighter, more bang for our brows (and if it ain’t full coverage, people don’t want to know about it.)

The same goes for eyelashes – people are after the fluffiest, flutteriest eye framers, be they fake or otherwise.

If you’re still struggling with falsie application, and the very thought of eyelash extensions makes you squeamish, eyelash serum is your next best bet. 

Some people swear by the stuff, others certify it as absolute swizz. The most popular of the lot seems to be the iGlow serum (our own Louise McSharry counts herself as a fan.)


However, at €59 a tube, it’s not a purchase everyone can justify.

Enter, Mavala.


This little bottle of Double Lash, (which could be mistaken for the cursed nail-biting solution Stop ‘N’ Grow, IMO) promises “longer, denser, stronger lashes”. That’s not how I remember the Daft Punk song going, but anyway.

It costs €10.45 and you can pick some up in pharmacies nationwide.

How does it work, then? 

Strap yourselves in, I have some ~science~ to present to you.

The lifetime of a lash is around 3 months, but it can vary depending on physiology, age and lifestyle. There are three phases of the hair growth:

  1. Anagen: active phase of the lash growth; duration is 30-45 days.
  2. Catagen: transition phase: hair follicle decreases its volume; lasts 2-3 weeks.
  3. Telogen: falling of the lash and resting period of the follicle; lasts up to 3 weeks.

Double Lash helps stimulate lash growth by shortening of the telogen phase and strengthening the anagen and catagen phases.

Twenty one women tested the product for 56 days. These were the results:

  • “81% of users reported SIGNIFICANT LENGTHENING EFFECT after 56 days of daily use.”
  • “72% noted SIGNIFICANT DENSIFYING EFFECT after 28 and 56 days of daily use.”
  • “81% of volunteers stated the product helps SLOW the falling out of lashes.”

Sounds good, right?

I decided to trial the product for myself. I was pretty religiously about it (if I missed a night, I would follow up during the day.)

I ended up using it for 43 days. However, it should be noted that I took my ‘before’ pictures about three days after I actually started using the serum (I’m really forgetful, ok?!)

The first few times I used this, my application technique was … Questionable, to say the least. I ended up getting more in my eye then on my actual lashes (which, I would not recommend FYI, it stings.)

I’m assuming the reason why the instructions state to apply at night is because the serum – as it’s white – shows up on your lashes slightly, even when it dries down. On days when I did apply during the day, this didn’t really matter too much to me. I’m not that self-conscious, and you’d only be able to see it if we were engaging in some sort of intense staring competition.

So, how did it match up to their claims?

Firstly, on lash loss – I experienced none while using this. Zilch. Nada. I’m aggressive eye-rubber at the best of times and over the course of the trial, I definitely noticed a decrease.

On increased density, I definitely noticed some new growth between my existing lashes since using this – short, new lil’ lashes peeping out, entering the fold relatively quickly after I started using it. It was quite a thrill to see. 

Lengthening, though? I’m not so sure. A head on look at myself in the mirror has left me none-the-wiser as to whether it has lengthening properties.

Let’s consult the before and after pictures, shall we?

Before (left) and after using the Mavala lash serum. I think you definitely see a difference in thickness at the base of the lash - nothing crazy, but definitely noticeable.


BeFunky-collage (5) Before the trial, in natural light and with flash.

After the trial, under artificial light and with flash. I feel like you can see a slight difference here, but again, I think it's thickness and not length.


BeFunky-collage (7) Before and after the trial, both taken with flash but in different lighting conditions. My lashes definitely look darker and thicker on the right!

So, is it any use?

It should be noted that my trial was shorter than the trial done by the brand itself. I’m going to keep using it until then and see if a significant difference can be recorded. If so, I’ll be sure to update this article.

I’m lucky that my lashes were kind of grand to begin with – they’re not super fair or weak, despite several forays into the land of lash extensions and an on-off relationship with falsies in between. 

The mad lengths you seem able to achieve with iGlow didn’t exactly appeal to me, looking almost freakishly long for my liking. The Mavala one, however, seems to deliver a happy medium – a good base level of thickness giving mascara something to build upon. A buzz. I’d imagine the thickening results would be even more noticeable on someone with fairer lashes than I.

Did I get mind-blowing, viral results? No. If that’s what you’re after, maybe look elsewhere. However, this could be a great starter for someone with thin, sparse lashes or lashes that simply need a boost.

It’s also important to bear in mind that this costs a little over a tenner, which is pretty decent given the results.

Go fourth and lash it on, folks.

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