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8 reviews of the Apple Watch laden with romance

It’s coming soon, and some people can’t control themselves.

IT’S THREE WEEKS until Apple Watches are actually available to the public, but the cheeky minx has already been flaunting its wares to some lucky, smitten reviewers.

Hold onto your suspenders!…

1. The experience is pure bliss for some


“It was only on Day 4 that I began appreciating the ways in which the elegant $650 computer on my wrist was more than just another screen,” gushed the New York Times.

Sounds like a diary entry during one of the world’s great romances.

2. Some bordered on the obsessional

applewatch2 Source: theverge

The Apple Watch is a bulbous, friendly little thing, according to The Verge:

It’s a supercomputer on your wrist, but it’s also a bulbous, friendly little thing, far more round than I expected, recalling nothing quite so much as the first-generation iPhone. It is unbelievably high tech and a little bit silly, a masterpiece of engineering with a Mickey Mouse face. It is quintessentially Apple.

Why don’t you just marry it?

3. And it only gets more creepy

applewatch3 Source: mashable

“Everything about the Apple Watch whispers craftsmanship,” said Mashable.

Whisper, you say?

4. The praise continued to get oddly specific

applewatch4 Source: Bloomberg

Despite its lukewarm review, Bloomberg still manages to hail its surgical brilliance:

The hardware of the watch is beautiful in a surgical way. The little cube of metal and glass wouldn’t seem out of place in a futuristic lab or sci-fi movie.

This guy is 100 per cent in love with the watch.

5. The Wall Street Journal followed suit


And the Wall Street Journal didn’t back down from heaping praise:

With the Apple Watch, smartwatches finally make sense. The measure of their success shouldn’t be how well they suck you in, but how efficiently they help you get things done. Living on your arm is part of that efficiency—as a convenient display, but also a way to measure your heart rate or pay at a cash register. This is a big idea about how we use technology, the kind of idea we expect from Apple.

The Apple Watch will live on your arm.

6. Nice to know we have these fashion options to go with it


The link bracelet is only $449. SIGN US UP:

Apple Watch strives for high fashion, but it still looks like a techie watch. Even if you can easily swap out the basic, smooth plastic band for a more elegant one — the $149 leather band, the $149 Milanese loop or the $449 link bracelet — the face looks kind of like a miniature iPhone.

7. Only an exclusive club were allowed to test them

watch Source: twitter

And The Mail were quick to let us know this fact:

For the last week, I’ve been one of the lucky few outside Apple to have one. While it’s not the first smartwatch on the market, it is the first you’ll actually want to use – and will change the way you communicate.

You saw the Watch first. We get it. We won’t touch it now.

8. You’ll be wearing it as fancy jewellery, apparently

applewatch7 Source: yahoo

It has magical powers as well, according to Yahoo:

The Apple Watch is much smaller, sleeker, and more beautiful than any other smartwatch. Small is so important. It’s the difference between wearing jewelry and strapping on a little phone.

We can’t cope with this at all. If you see someone wearing one when they come out, ask them for a review. If they also fall in love with the watch, we’ll add their romantic quotes to the list.

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