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12 genius app ideas that should totally become a reality

“Tinder, but for avocados.”

NOWADAYS, THERE’S AN app for everything. From cuddling strangers to getting out of awkward conversations, technology has really been good to us.

But there are still plenty of genius app ideas that have yet to materialise and would improve our lives exponentially.


1. Shazam, but for outfits.

Because asking a stranger, “Sorry, where did you get your top?” is just too awkward sometimes.

2. An app for finding avocados in your area that are ready to be eaten.

Put an end to this nonsense once and for all.

avocados Source: Dear Future

3. An app for maintaining a half-arsed conversation with your mother

Press ’1′ to ask your Mam if she has any news and press ’2′ to be alerted when she stops talking.

4. An app for evaluating DJs

dj Source: Eric Spivak/Facebook

Put on a Beyoncé megamix and get off the stage, mate.

5. THIS.

No more browsing through Spotify trying to find the perfect song.

6. This essential app for sleep-deprived zombies

“Don’t mind me. Just downloading 1 GB worth of sleep, so I can feel semi-human again.”

tumblr_ll46yy95zT1qixleeo1_500 Source: miscgifs/Tumblr

7. An app for figuring out who will be at the wedding/party you’re attending.

So you can figure out who you’ll need to strategically avoid.

8. A delivery service for ill people

Particularly helpful for when you get sick and happen to live alone.

“Can I order a Lemsip, a bad DVD and a one-minute head rub? Thanks.”

9. A reminder to text people back

Are you that person who looks at their phone, acknowledges the receipt of the message in their head and never bothers their arse replying? This is the app for you.

10. This dating app

To help eliminate awkward interactions like this.

It’s for the greater good, really.

11. This app for trolling your friends

Organise to meet your friend at 6pm and want to assure them you won’t be late? Let Rick Astley say it for you, like so:

“Never gonna run around and desert you”

giphy (7) Source: dozydozy/Tumblr

12. And, of course, an app to deal with when someone says this

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