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A vital deep-dive on Ariana Grande's 24 tattoos

She’s been getting a lot of matching ones with her new fiancé.

SHE FAMOUSLY HAS a song called Tattooed Heart, but increasingly it looks like the only body part of Ariana Grande that is not tattooed is her heart.

ArianaGrandeFan / YouTube

Ariana’s recently unveiled her 24th (known) tattoo to the world when she stepped out on Monday with fiancee Pete Davidson.

Atop her left foot were the digits ’8418′.

foot twitter / loveandIight twitter / loveandIight / loveandIight

It’s a matching tattoo with Pete having the same digits inked on his left arm. The tattoo is imbued with special meaning as it’s the badge number of Pete’s firefighter father who tragically died during 9/11 in NYC.

1. Heart

Where: Her index toe on her right foot

Why: This was her first tattoo and was done to commemorate her debut album, which included the song ‘Tattooed Heart’.

ariana heart instagram / arianagrande instagram / arianagrande / arianagrande

2. Mille Tendresse

Where: nape of her neck

Why: Ariana got her second tattoo in 2014. It’s based upon a line from her all-time favourite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, when Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly says:

Bless you darling Fred. Please forgive the other night. You were an angel about the whole thing. Mille tendresse.

It translates from French to mean ‘thousand tendernesses’.

mille instagram / arianagrande instagram / arianagrande / arianagrande

3. Bellissima

Where: On her left ribcage

Why: During the same session as her Mille Tendresse ink, Ariana explained that she got Bellissima, which means ‘beautiful’ in Italian because:

It’s what grandpa’s called me my whole life.

bel instagram / arianagrande instagram / arianagrande / arianagrande

4. Crescent Moon

Where: In April 2015, Ariana got her fourth tattoo slightly below her left ear.

Why: She’s never explained it, but fans speculate that it was a reference to her song Moonlight, which appears on her second album Dangerous Woman.

5 & 6. Honeymoon and אלד

Where: On her right middle finger and ring fingers respectively

ariana honeymoon twitter / loveandIight twitter / loveandIight / loveandIight

Why: As far as we know the meaning behind her Honeymoon tattoo is very straightforward – to commemorate her Honeymoon tour.

tumbleweed giphy giphy

אלד is a Hebrew phrase which is the 10th name in the 72 names for God

Sidenote: does God have an identity crises? Why does she need that many names?

The letters are ‘dalet lamed aleph’ and it means protections from the evil eye and bad dreams, as well as helping in the rebirthing process.

Ariana was raised Catholic but disagreed with the Church’s exclusionary and homophobic stance on homosexuality as her brother Frankie is gay. She and Frankie are now part of the Kabbalah faith, a mystical Jewish discipline, along with other celebrities like Madonna and Britney Spears.

7. Alphabet ‘A’

Where: Her right thumb

Why: You’d be mistaken for thinking that this A is for Ariana. It actually stands for Ariana’s oldest BFF, Alexa Luria.

A ariana snapchat / arianagrande snapchat / arianagrande / arianagrande

8. Venus/Female Gender symbol

Where: Her left middle finger

Why: Cause she’s a bad ass feminist.

female venus twitter / loveandIight twitter / loveandIight / loveandIight

9. Another Heart

Where: On her right ring finger during her ‘Honeymoon Tour’ in May 2015.

Why: For reasons unknown. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10. Hi

Where: Her left index toe

Why: Emm…cause she’s friendly?

hi twitter / loveandIight twitter / loveandIight / loveandIight

11. Lightning bolt

Where: Behind her right ear

Why: Speculation that it’s Harry Potter related, as Ariana is a massive Potterhead.

lightning twitter / buterawoah twitter / buterawoah / buterawoah

12. Bumblebee

Where: behind her left ear

Why: In honour  of the Manchester Arena bombings where 22 people were killed. The bumblee bee/worker bee is a symbol of Manchester.

13. Baby doll

Where: On the inside of her right middle finger

Why: It’s apparently the nickname that Ariana’s 92-year-old Grandmother has for her.

babydoll instagram / arianagrande instagram / arianagrande / arianagrande

14 & 15: 561 and reborn

Where: 561 is on her left thumb and reborn is just below it

Why: 561 is the area code of Boca Raton were is she from, but not known why reborn. Again, her fiancé Pete has a matching reborn tattoo and he also has his area code on his thumb.

Suppose it’s handy for them if they ever get lost and forget where they live.

16. Cloud

Where: Left middle finger between fingernail and knuckle, underneath her Venus

Why: Ariana is a huge fan of cloud storage entities like Dropbox….JK. Ariana and fiancé Pete have matching clouds because Ariana is a huge fan of condensed water vapour. Her fourth perfume, which she released last week, is called ‘Cloud’.

17. H2GKMO

Where: her hand

Why: It stands for her catchphrase.

h2g twitter / arianagrande twitter / arianagrande / arianagrande

It’s matching with her friend Courtney.

H2gkmo snpachat / arianagrande snpachat / arianagrande / arianagrande

18. Lumos

Where: On the side of her right hand

Why: Harry Potter related, again, as ‘Lumos’ is a spell that conjures light from the tip of a wand.

lumos snapchat / arianagrande snapchat / arianagrande / arianagrande

19 & 20. Unknown exactly, but one is thought to say ‘always’.

Tweet by @jyhla♡ jyhla♡ / Twitter jyhla♡ / Twitter / Twitter

Where: ??? on her left thigh and ‘always’ her left front ribcage

Why: ‘Always’ is thought to be another Harry Potter reference as *spoiler alert* Snape said that he ‘always’ loved Harry’s mother, Lily.

21. Court

Where: on her knee

Why: It’s a joke with her friend ‘Courtney’ that she’s written ‘Court’ on her ‘knee’… punderful.

court twitter / loveandIight twitter / loveandIight / loveandIight

22 & 23. U N K N O W N

Where: both are on her finger

There’s no clear picture of it but keen-eyed twitter users/fans of Ariana have spotted them.

arianaaaaa twitter / loveand Iight twitter / loveand Iight / loveand Iight

Hopefully we’ll find out soon what the unknowns are!

Right, folks! That’s the Ariana body art analysis over for now, but we’re sure they’ll be a part II in the near future at the rate she’s going.

Tweet by @court🌜 court🌜 / Twitter court🌜 / Twitter / Twitter

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