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15 tweets that sum up your arrival home for Christmas
Hello Quality Street.

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IT’S LATE IN December, Christmas is nearly here – so you start making your way home home.

Carrying one metric tonne of bags, you arrive into the gaff to an assault on your senses:

1. Starting with the chocolates

2. And the uncertainty around all food

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3. Soon, the board games will be out

4. But you’re really there to sleep

5. There will be constant battles

6. And for those arriving in Dublin Airport, talk of one things dominates

7. The TV will be the focal point

8. At one point you’ll take a trip to the shops to catch up on things

9. And get acquainted with local radio again

10. No matter what has changed down the years, some films still get priority

11. And the train home makes you dream of your own

12. There are some things that will always remind you of a Christmas kitchen

13. Where it’s nearly always too hot

That AGA.

14. But god forbid you’d actually have to do any work

15. Welcome home, lads

It’s officially Christmas.

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