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'Curves are out, thin is in': This tweet is causing an absolute commotion on Twitter


YESTERDAY, ASK MEN tweeted perhaps the most ugh-worthy tweet of all time.

Are you ready?

Yes, they dropped the bombshell that curves are “out” and thin is “in”. (Because women’s bodies, like bootcut jeans, apparently come in and out of fashion.)

The article in question cited a recently published academic study called “The relationship of female physical attractiveness to body fatness” which found that men found women with lower BMIs more attractive.

Researchers interviewed men and women from ten different countries (three European, three Asian and four African) and asked them to arrange 21 photos of women in order of attractiveness.

In doing so, they found that people generally favoured women with lower body fat percentages, but crucially also conceded that the role of BMI in determining levels of attractiveness may have been overstated.

Overall our data and modeling suggest that the role of BMI in ratings of attractiveness may have been overstated because of the covariance of BMI with age.

Grand so.

giphy (15)

So, how did Ask Men cover this, you ask?

With choice quotes like this:

A little extra cushion for the pushin’ may have been ideal a few thousand years ago, but now we recognise that child-bearing hips aren’t worth much if she’s going to keel over from a heart attack a year from now.
Real Men Don’t Prefer Curves, Says This New Study

Although they do throw us gals a bone…

This is admittedly pretty tough news for women, who already have plenty of mouthpieces telling them to be skinnier.

Cheers for that one, lads. Good to see you understand our plight.

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Needless to say, the whole thing has not gone down well on Twitter with many criticising Ask Men for pitting body types against one another.

The writer of the piece in question has defended his piece and stated that the headline was simply meant to entice readers.


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