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10 frankly ludicrous items of clothing that ASOS is trying to fob off on us



But sometimes you take it too far.

Please, ASOS. This can’t reasonably be described as a vest.

You can see his man cleavage.

ves Source: ASOS

What’s this, you ask? Just a t-shirt with a strip of tutu inexplicably attached to it.

So fashion forward.

tut Source: ASOS

Over cold shoulders? Allow us to present… the cold elbow.

New rule: all tops must expose at least one body part now. RIP, tops with shoulders and elbow.

cold Source: ASOS

This is a ‘cowl neck poncho’ designed to be worn over your jacket. Practical.

But really it just looks like a bib for adults.

cowl Source: ASOS

We pine for the days when jeans were jeans and didn’t come with unnecessary frills and holes.

Seriously, who can wear this without looking like a seven-year-old on holidays in Co. Wexford?

fril Source: ASOS

Handy outfit for slipping into after work.

body Source: ASOS

These are ‘meggings’. As in, men’s leggings. Like all men’s clothes, they have unnecessary pockets/layers.

Two questions:

  • Why?
  • Who asked for this?

egs Source: ASOS

meg Source: ASOS

For that man in your life with a really enormous penis.

Normal crotches are just too oppressive.

crot Source: ASOS

For when you want to look like you’re an extra in the video for Destiny’s Child Survivor.

extm Source: ASOS

And when you love sausages and you don’t care who knows it. (Okay, we kind of want this.)

saus Source: ASOS

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