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10 ridiculously simple cocktails you can make at home

Yes, even you.

YOU MIGHT CONSIDER cocktails to be a treat reserved only for special occasions (read: pay day!), but that needn’t be the case.

In reality, many cocktails are pretty simple to make and don’t require anything more than a shaker – invest in one, ASAP – and alcohol. Got both? Then the world is your oyster.

It’s time to get your Tom Cruise on and try your hand at the following ten easy cocktail recipes at home.

cruise Source: YouTube

1. Sex on the Beach

sexonthebeach Source: Benjamin Nussbaum/Flickr

Not only is it the name of a classic T-Spoon song, Sex on the Beach is also probably the first cocktail that springs to everyone’s minds. (The mere act of saying the name out loud to a bartender probably sent you into a fit of hysterics when you were 18.)

Over the years, the vodka/peach schnapps concoction has become synonymous with being a “girly drink”, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious.

Recipe here.

2. Black Velvet

beerblack Source: Dondy Razon/Flickr

As smooth and decadent as the name suggests, a Black Velvet requires just two ingredients – Guinness and champers. Pour up.

Recipe here.

3. Shandy

shandy Source: KittyKaht/Flickr

Refreshing as hell and simple pimple to make, shandies are the business.

(How long before craft beer shandies become a thing?)

Recipe here.

4. Bloody Mary

bloodymary Source: James Hawley/Flickr

You don’t need to wait until you’re in an expensive food establishment serving brunch to indulge in Bloody Marys. With a bit of practice, they are actually fairly simple to make. Get practicing.

Recipe here.

5. Kalimotxo

kalimotxo Source: Erik Stettin/Flickr

Admittedly, a cocktail made from red wine and cola might not sound the most appetising, but Kalimotxo is all the rage in Spain and is particularly good if you have a not-so-good tasting bottle of cheap wine to use up.

Don’t knock it before you try it.

Recipe here.

6. Gin fizz

ginfizz Source: ellebil/Flickr

For when you want to graduate from the old reliable gin and tonic.

Recipe here.

7. Sangria

sangria Source: lovinkat/Flickr


Red wine sangria recipe here / White wine sangria recipe here

8. Bee’s Knees

beesknees Source: Nate Steiner/Flickr

A Prohibition-era cocktail that mixes honey and gin? Yes, please.

Recipe here.

9. Old-Fashioned

oldfashined Source: star5112/Flickr

For when you want to pretend you’re part of the cast of Mad Men.

Recipe here.

10. Tequila Sunrise

tequilasunrise Source: Christian Benseler/Flickr

All together now: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila…

Recipe here. 

(Can’t find grenadine? Here’s how to make it from scratch.)

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