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18 madzers who have already eaten the entire advent calendar

No self-control whatsoever.

TODAY IS DECEMBER 4th, meaning that we should be four chocolates into the advent calendar now.

Some mad bastards, however, have already eaten the whole thing.

Like Heather over here, bringing shame on her boyfriend.

Or this absolute madman showing wanton disregard for the season of advent.

Or this lad who took his other half’s advent calendar, sneakily slid the foil out and horsed into all the chocolates

All while leaving the doors unopened.

So cunning.

Mike and Susanna, you rebels

“Boooorrn to be wiiiiiiiild”

Doesn’t change the fact you ate your advent calendar on December 1st, buddy


Notice that the location is listed as North Korea. #MoreBanter

If you have managed to not eat your whole advent calendar, you’re a stronger person than Daniel here


Daniel, you ticket.

At least Chloe ate hers in order.

Unlike these savages

Nice use of the #frenzy hashtag here.

We feel you, Emma.



Won’t you think of the children, Vicki?

And don’t even get us started on this lot


Have some self-restraint, people.

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