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Aungier Danger sell the hottest donuts in Dublin - and we tried their flavours

Taking the most sought after donuts in Ireland out for a spin.

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AS WE ALL found out over the weekend, there is a delish new donut shop and deli just opened on Dublin’s Aungier Street.

It has one of the best names you will ever hear in Aungier Danger – but do the donuts live up to the billing?

DailyEdge.ie arrived at the shop at 8.30am this morning – only to discover that they had already sold out of donuts. We were assured that there would be more ready for the donut-hungry public in just a couple of hours. So we bided our time and waited.

Eventually, we got our hands on two flavours that they had freshly made – the ‘Banoffee Autopsy’ and the ‘Cherry Gun Shot’

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There are three other flavours available but such was the demand in store, we could only get our grubby mitts on two of them.

Although even that felt like an achievement in itself with the shop packed out of it and the queue out the door.

Look at them there, in all their glory


We gathered a round table of taste testers from DailyEdge.ie and TheJournal.ie to put the donuts through their paces.

First impressions?

It’s overwhelming – but in a good way. There’s so much going on.
I think it’s a well balanced donut - a good amount of filling to donut ratio.
The cherry one has so much strawberry filling. I like it, but probably wouldn’t manage a full one.

Some intrepid tasters were left speechless on the first bite


At €3 each per donut, is it worth it though?

Definitely delicious, definitely worth trying – would advocate splitting it, as a whole one would probably be too much. The donut is basically a carrier for all the filling and topping really.
It’s so much better than most other donuts - like the ones from Krust.

While most thought that it was a step above other donuts out there, there was one taster who thought it didn’t quite match up to another purveyor of fine donut treats in the capital:

It’s not as exciting as the Dublin Doughnut Company.

Shots fired.

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So, final thoughts on Aungier Danger from the esteemed panel?

The filling is what makes it. It is quite delicious.
It’s quite sweet. It’s more like a bun or a weird eclair though.
The donut itself was nice – a Dunkin Donuts-esque American style finish, but the goo was kind of gross. I only tried one type but would be open to trying others.

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So now. If you really want to get your hands on them – and the other three flavours offered – you’d best get there really early in the morning. These things are flying out the door.

Good luck out there.

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