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18 times autocorrect basically ruined relationships with parents


TEXTING THE RENTS can go from bad to worse, with one simple autocorrect.

1. Sometimes it just says what you’re thinking

CMEyrcMUEAEON8O Source: cafattack

2. Likewise, with your mam

CKtQOxRVAAABIrW Source: abbyanto14



4. She definitely meant that one

5. Either way, you’ve got to do what mam wants

CMArhxNWsAA7ds6 Source: misserinlong

6. Down for WHAT

Cool thanks autocorrect. #conversationswithmama #clumsythumbsy #autocorrectfails #nosloppyhoes Source: meganmariemarta

7. Welcome to hell

11850124_510812022406760_390850724_n Source: Cdninstagram

8. Can we though

CLqQMnoUYAEkopm Source: shan_mcneill

9. It’s worse when they go along with it

CL-W5MCWsAAcaX7 Source: Ben_Young18

10. Dinner gets more questionable

CL6Z7-uWcAA2bkr Source: KelseyAnneMusic

11. Awkward questions are approached

CLgco8PVAAAgxR7 Source: savingpunk

At least you now know.

12. You admit to things you may not want to

N5evFHQ Source: Imgur

Will she ever look at you the same again?

13. Now isn’t the moment

CL1iuZLUYAAt322 Source: ellieagapinos_

14. Then there are those you bring on yourself



XWBpbJ1 Source: Imgur

17. What about nae nae?

18. Just… don’t

21 times autocorrect was a complete prude>

This lad’s ‘naggins’ autocorrect prank on a Mayo mammy is absolutely excellent>

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