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19 moments you will only find hilarious if you're a bad person

No laughing.

19. The moment this older lady used an escalator for the first time

Source: Imgur


18. The moment this girl tried to outrun her own centre of gravity

17. The moment this kid learned there are no winners in giant Jenga


16. The moment this reveller went to the ATM and got the wrong kind of money shot

15. The moment this man went too hard on the high-five

Source: Imgur

14. The moment there was a bee

13. The moment this kid celebrated his successful trumpet solo

Source: Funny Videos/YouTube

12. The moment everyone at this hockey match simultaneously forgot how to hockey

Source: Imgur

11. The moment the world’s greatest Weezer cover band took the stage


10. Every moment in this Shakespearean epic involving a small child, a donkey, and a threatening ostrich

Source: Imgur

9. The moment this man discovered his real friends

8. The moment this bird suffered the cruellest betrayal of all

Source: GG WP/YouTube

7. The moment a news broadcast decided to incorporate this man with a jetpack

6. The moment this game of musical chairs went wrong in every conceivable way at once

Source: hdx/YouTube

5. The moment this poor kid got upset and need to come out of the water

Source: Imgur

4. The moment this man started, and instantly lost, a fight with a sign

Source: Imgur

3. The moment this small child refused to compromise


2. The moment this milk company CEO demonstrated their easy-to-use new carton on live TV

(You’re going to need to commit a minute of your time to this one. It’s worth it. Stay til the end.)

Source: funnybestfilms/YouTube

1. And this life-changing invasion of privacy

Source: Imgur

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