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A definitive ranking of bag-of-cans beers, from worst to best


SO YOU’VE MADE the decision to bring a bag of cans to your mate’s for a chill one.

plastic_bag_l Thrfun Thrfun

But what beer to choose?

PLEASE NOTE: The criteria here is that they be budget beers in cans, available from all good supermarkets. No ciders or fancy craft bottle fare.

16. Obscure Lidl or Aldi, or own brand beer

Keep these to have away from company. We won’t tell anyone.

wpid-wp-1412969014590 Wordpress Wordpress

15. Carlsberg

Does anyone who isn’t your uncle actually drink this in Ireland?

120148011_0_640x640 Morrisons Morrisons

14. Grolsch

Who do you even think you are? Go to a pub.

grolsch-premium-lager-beer-4x500-ml-cans Premierexports Premierexports

13. Bavaria

Scaldy. So scaldy. Have some self respect.

IDShot_225x225 Tesco Tesco

12. Bud Light

Would you G’WAY. You’re uninvited to cans.

IDShot_225x225 Tesco Tesco

11. Carling

Unless you’re at a British music festival and this is your absolute only option, it’s not acceptable.

IDShot_225x225 Tesco Tesco

10. Tuborg

This sounds like a toy an eight-year-old boy would want. Avoid.

IDShot_225x225 Tesco Tesco

9. Fosters

We’re getting into acceptable territory now, but it’s still bound to get you a few looks.

Cheap though, which is always a positive.

Fosters Lager 8 Pack Can 8X500ml - Groceries - Tesco Groceries Tesco Tesco

8. Budweiser

Acceptable, easy to palette and largely inoffensive to all involved.

IDShot_225x225 Tesco Tesco

7. Coors Light

Don’t be put off by the ‘light’. It’s refreshing and looks a bit sophisticated. Look, there’s a mountain on it for God’s sake. Nature.

coors-light-30-pk1 Rogerwilco Rogerwilco

6. Dutch Gold

SERIOUS bag of cans fare here. It’s cheap, expected, and it goes with field drinking like beige food goes with a hangover.

IDShot_225x225 Tesco Tesco

5. Warka

This Polish delight is unusual enough to maybe fool some people into thinking it’s posh, but it’s really really not. Put it in your flimsy bag today.

zdjecie,600,22519,20080603,warka-piwo Bikestats Bikestats

4. Zywiec

Yet again, the Polish prove they make the best cheap beer known to man. It doesn’t taste awful either.

IDShot_225x225 Tesco Tesco

3. Stella Artois

Have some sense, act like you’re cultured, go for the Stella. They look a bit cheap but you can constantly pronounce it in a Belgian accent.

Stella Ar-twah.

120139011_0_640x640 Morrisons Morrisons

2. Miller

Nobody ever says anything bad about Miller, because it does the job and isn’t too challenging. You can even go for the light if it’s a nice day to up the refreshing factor.

IDShot_225x225 Tesco Tesco

1. Heineken

A cliche, but it’s the perfect bag of cans beer. Fight us at your peril.

13635706 Targetimg3 Targetimg3

While no further correspondence will be entered into regarding this important and strictly definitive list, feel free to discuss all wrongdoing in the comments.

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