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This inappropriate 'banana protector' inspired the greatest Facebook thread of all time

Superb work, everybody.

LAST THURSDAY, GROUPON shared a deal for something called a “banana bunker”.

banana Source: Groupon

A banana bunker is a protective case to prevent your banana from getting bruised or squashed, but many people on Facebook thought it resembled something else…

And, of course, the comments immediately began to roll in.


But instead of ignoring them, the person managing the Groupon Facebook page valiantly responded to dozens and dozens of them, engaging in perhaps the best banana-related banter you’ll ever see.

Seriously, give this person a goddamned raise.

groupon3 Source: Groupon/Facebook

groupon2 Source: Groupon/Facebook

groupon1 Source: Groupon/Facebook

groupon6 Source: Groupon/Facebook

groupon5 Source: Groupon/Facebook

groupon7 Source: Groupon/Facebook

And our favourite…

groupon8 Source: Groupon/Facebook

Bravo, everyone.

Oh, and for the record? The “banana bunker” is apparently sold out.

Job well done.

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