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11 unbelievable Banksys you haven't seen yet

Such talent.

BANKSY IS AN artistic genius, combining pop culture art with social commentary – this much we know.

But there’s so, so much more to him…

1. This charming social commentator from UCD

2. This professionally arranged artistic manifesto

3. This political satirist will never be silenced

4. And this person is pushing art’s boundaries all the way

5. The cryptic message behind this will never truly be discovered

6. We don’t know who Kelvin is, but he’s been artistically called out here

7. The philosophical message is strong here

8. Observe the finest artistic spectacle of our lifetime

9. And this Friends-based wall is biting in its criticism of modern sitcoms

10. This artiste took it to the next level of maturity here

11. And finally, all signed off with the loving scrawl of the one and only Banksy

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David Elkin

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