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That Banksy illustration being shared on social media? It's not actually by Banksy

Image was posted following yesterday’s attack on Charli Hebdo.

FOLLOWING YESTERDAY’S ATTACKS on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in which twelve people were killed, illustrators and artists from all over the world set about sharing cartoons.

Among the accounts to share a cartoon was an account purporting to be managed by renowned graffiti artist Banksy that posted this image yesterday.

banksy Source: banksy/Instagram

Although it has never been confirmed whether or not Banksy actually runs that Instagram account, the image was immediately attributed to him and shared widely across all forms of social media.

It was also shared by this fan-run Twitter account for Banksy.

Only problem?

It’s not by Banksy.

The image was actually drawn by French illustrator Lucille Clerc and stolen by the Banksy parody account.

Thankfully many have copped the misattribution this morning and Clerc is receiving credit for her illustration.


The original Instagram post, now at over 120,000 likes, has yet to be removed.

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