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# Humanitarian Aid
Aid bodies suspend Afghanistan operations after ban on women aid workers
The UN also said that some of its time-critical programmes have had to stop temporarily due to lack of female staff.
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# Mayo
'Fully-equipped bar' and 'significant amount of alcohol' found at suspected shebeen in Westport
During the course of a search, gardaí located a number of people on the premises consuming alcohol.
# baked brunch
Host of Berlin D2 brunch says event was 'convenient scapegoat' for government
Social media influencer Jess Brennan defended the event today, describing it as ‘largely rule-adherent’.
'When you or I sit down in a restaurant, we need to know our tips are going directly to staff'
When a customer provides a tip after satisfactory service, they should know exactly where that money goes, writes Minister Regina Doherty.
# Pay Up
Restaurants and bars that don't display their tips policy will face fines of up to €2,500
An amendment to the law is to be introduced to ensure tips go to the employee.
# Mass Shooting
13 people dead after 'horrific' mass shooting at bar in California
The gunman, who is among the dead, has been named as Ian David Long.
Bar at Templemore Garda College is rarely open, but has a bank balance of €417k
Further revelations about the finances of the garda college in Templemore were revealed during an eight-hour sitting of the PAC.
# it's their job
This pub's sign will resonate with every woman who has worked in a bar
Being nice to a customer doesn’t mean you want to bang them. Apparently this is hard to understand.
# rustic inn
Landing area in Longford helicopter crash was 'inappropriate and wholly unsuitable'
The pilot told inspectors he knew the site was “very tight, but it was certainly do-able”.
# Innocence Project
The Irish barristers who travel to the US to help prove people's innocence
The Bar of Ireland Innocence Project scholarships were launched this week.
# strongwine
This brilliantly detailed Game of Thrones-themed pop up bar is a must-visit for fans
Get yo Tyrion Lannister on.
# Magistorium
Dublin's iconic McGonagle's music venue has been reincarnated as this amazing theatre
Looking for a night out with a twist? Here it is.
# roisin love
This Galway pub has introduced an important new rule about shifting
Be sound, everyone.
# Dublin
Suspended sentence for man who glassed ex-wife's new partner
The victim needed ten stitches to a facial wound and was left with a 2cm long hairline scar.
# settle up
33 politicians have yet to pay off their outstanding Dáil bar bill
Figures released by the Houses of the Oireachtas reveal that the largest sum amounts to over €800.
# Grafton Street
Brown Thomas could be getting a full pub license
The Grafton Street store is currently refurbishing its third floor restaurant.
# Centre of attention
Inside the highly unusual hotel at the centre of every Budget
Buswells Hotel is an integral part of Irish political life. So much so that until a few years ago the Dáil voting bell used to ring out in the bar.
# Pints and Craic
10 of the best pubs to watch a match in Ireland
Ahead of a busy weekend of sport, we tell you where to go to take in the action.
# got it bad
A Breaking Bad-themed pub has opened in London and it's ridiculous
Walter White would be proud.
# diddledy-aye no way
This Irish pub in NYC has been named the best bar in the world
The Belfast owners shun the usual stereotypes.
# total recall
Gluten found in 'gluten free' Tesco brownies
The supermarket chain is now recalling all batches of the brownie bars.
# bump in the night
Phantom footsteps and flying bottles: Ghost stories from Dublin's John Mulligan's pub
It’s not just pints they serve at Mulligan’s – they have spirits too.
# must watch tv
Vincent Browne will be anchoring the referendum count from The George
Glenda Gilsen’s helping – and the guest-list includes David Norris, Alan Shatter and Bosco.
The toilet door in this bar plays a cruel and unusual trick on customers
PANIC. Wait, don’t panic.
# Ouch
A Donegal pub owner took out this ad giving out to useless customers
People of Rathmullen, hang your heads in shame.
# mindmelting
Trippy Vine changes depending on what side you look at
Far or bar?
# Harcourt Street
Man rushed to hospital after falling over railings outside Diceys Bar
The incident happened shortly after 4am this morning.
# Screech
Saved By The Bell actor stands trial over Christmas Day stabbing
His lawyers have argued there is not enough evidence for him to face charges.
# Week in Web
Weird Wide Web: A 3D printed miracle, a robot bartender and exploring your own street in virtual reality
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
# concerns
Was your favourite eatery closed over food safety concerns in August?
The FSAI has reported seven closure orders and one prohibition order from last month.
# daddy day care
Is this Dublin’s first 'husband crèche'?
Two shots of stereotyping please.
# see yiz in coppers
12 reasons why Coppers is such a bizarre national phenomenon
Coppers a feel, what?
# no CV required
Dublin pub receives 2,700 job applications... through Snapchat
The pub’s owner said this unconventional hiring approach meant he got the most creative and outgoing staff without having to trawl through CVs.
# my pint is on fiiiiyaaaaa
Kings of Leon are in Dublin having pints... and getting drinking advice
They know how to pour a proper Guinness.
# literally
11 of the most literal things that have ever happened
These will literally rip your face off.
# Daycare
This Aberdeen pub is calling itself a 'husband creche'
# fighting and yelling
7 reasons why Irish Rail are dead right to ban train drinking
One of the services from Galway to Dublin is being denied booze.
# no girls allowed
'Women banned from watching match' sign a joke, says pub
Jacobs Bar in Saggart said that two regulars had put up the sign saying that women are not allowed watch the match next Tuesday.
# pale fail
Like your craft beers? Then you won't like this video taking the piss out of you
Can I get an arrogant bastard?
# jd wetherspoon
British pub chain JD Wetherspoon buys Dublin bar for €1.5m
The company’s founder said the aim is to open more pubs in Ireland, creating up to 1,000 jobs in the next ten years.