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11 of the most literal things that have ever happened

These will literally rip your face off.

1. This instruction

Miscommunication - Imgur Source: Imgur

2. This toilet situation

Things just got literal.... - Imgur Source: Imgur

3. Mmm delicious

funny-literal-photo-mac-cheese Source: Smosh

4. Some effort went into this one

funny-literal-photo-open-range Source: Smosh

5. Teach ‘em young

lit Source: SlightlyWarped.com

6. We see what you did there

So damn literal - Domino's Pizza. - Imgur

7. Make lemonade…

Literal humor... - Imgur Source: Imgur

8. Duck face or chick magnet?

Literal duck face - Imgur Source: Imgur

9. This birthday card

I think the world needs more literal greeting cards.. - Imgur Source: Imgur

10. No really, you’re spoiling us


11. Doesn’t get much more literal than this


This Nutella toilet prank is the embodiment of pure evil>

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