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Barack Obama is STILL avoiding Breaking Bad spoilers

How can he lead the free world if he doesn’t know what happened to Walt?

IT’S TOUGH BEING the leader of the free world. People to meet, delicate diplomatic negotiations to conclude. Must be tricky to keep up with the box sets.

So you’d have to feel for Barack Obama, who is STILL dodging spoilers on the ending of Breaking Bad.

According to the New York Times, Obama is

way behind [on Breaking Bad] and frequently reminds those around him not to give anything away.

Must be dead awkward when someone makes a crack about Walt’s fate during tricky nuclear talks.

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Obama’s other favourite shows are Game of Thrones, cutthroat political drama House of Cards, Homeland and Mad Men.

He has also called The Wire one of the “greatest shows of all time”, the New York Times reports.

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