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11 memories of Barcode everyone who was ever there will recognise

Passing the pool.

IT WAS THE iconic nightclub of Dublin’s Northside for the whole of the ’00s.

Anyone who was ever in Barcode remembers it with a certain fondness:

1. First, you moved through a high tech security hut on your way in

barcodehut Source: Google Maps

That bank of CCTV cameras as you took out your ID was a little disconcerting, it has to be said.

2. Then you passed a full swimming pool on your way in

pooladvice Source: Barcode Facebook

A little unnerving. It also smelled like a gym – not your normal nightclub entrance by any stretch of the imagination.

3. Some people would literally spend the whole night upstairs playing pool

pooltables Source: Barcode Facebook

4. But you can’t forget the weird arcade bowling game on projected screens that nobody played downstairs

barcodedownstairs Source: Barcode Facebook

5. The Chinese takeaway serving food near the dancefloor was the height of convenience

chinese Source: Barcode Dublin

6. The smoking area with the classy waterfall was where all the cool kids were

fireeater Source: Barcode Facebook

7. This sign was situated just outside the jacks and was ignored by everyone

Barcode Sign Source: @monkeyfudge

8. The massive roof over the dancefloor always made you feel like you were dancing in a warehouse

barcode232 Source: Facebook

9. There were constant rumours that this was the “last week ever” and that the club was closing down

floorfloor Source: Barcode Dublin

Eventually it did :(

10. Everyone you know had seen Spiral hanging out there

spiral Source: Instagram

And only a few years after his Big Brother fame! Scenes.

11. And finally, Hillbilly’s was the best (and only) food source nearby

o Source: Yelpcdn

The holy grail of a trip to Barcode was the Hillbilly’s after. Arguably the finest post night out food noughties Dublin had to offer.

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