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17 things only people who've worked in a coffee shop in Ireland will understand

You’ll never forget the smell of coffee.

IF YOU WERE a chain barista, you’ll know all too well.

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1. How annoying customers can be

People are REALLY picky about their coffee, and they lie to you all the time.


* Gives them full fat milk instead of skimmed*

2. Feigning giving-a-shite is so hard sometimes

Oh you want me to learn about ALL the different types of coffee? It all tastes the same to me.

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3. You smell like coffee ALL the time

Well, coffee and a mixture of sour milk.

4. You least favourite phrase is, “THAT’S SO EXPENSIVE”

The menu is RIGHT THERE, and I don’t set the prices.

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5. When this pops up on the machine, it’s time to sigh

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6. You secretly sneer at people who try to order fancy things but end up looking like a fool

Wet cappuccino = a latte, deal with it.

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7. There is absolutely no way to look good in an apron

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8. Wearing all-black converse was about as original as you could get

Even despite warnings you could scald yourself.


9. The smell of burnt milk is downright NASTY

Если молоко слишком сильно перегрето - оно теряет свои вкусовые качества. Поэтому каждый раз мы используем специальные термометры для приготовления ваших любимых напитков! Наслаждайтесь! #кофе #коста #кофейня #капучино #кофекофе #костакофе #кофеманы #выходные #настроение #москва #город #друзья #профи #ростовнадону #домкофе #домкофемана #лучшийкофе #люблюкофе #любимыйкофе #costa #coffee #costacoffee #costarussia Source: costa_coffee_russia

10. Early openings are actual hell

You need coffee before you to make the coffee…


11. There’s one customer you like the best

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12. Sneaking your mates free drinks is pretty much a day-to-day occurrence

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13. When you call out coffee and a the wrong customer takes it, only to turn around and say “I DIDN’T ORDER THIS”



14. You’ll never cease to be amazed at how messy two people drinking two lattes can be

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15. The horror of being presented with one of these


Oh so THE WHOLE OFFICE wants coffee.

16. You sip coffee all day so are up to high doh when you go home in the evening

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17. Making the fancy cold drinks when it’s busy is the WORST

The Spanish students are coming!

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