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The most famous basketball player in the world accidentally got his lad out on live TV

And the internet went into meltdown. Obviously.

NBA Finals Warriors Cavaliers Basketball Source: Tony Dejak

THE MOST FAMOUS basketball player in the world is one LeBron James, above.

During a big game last night, the TV camera panned towards him whilst he was adjusting his shorts. The obvious happened – and it’s slightly NSFW if you spot it:


Didn’t catch it? Well here’s a very NSFW slow motion Vine that clearly shows he got his lad out on live national television.

The game was shown on the ABC Network in the States and this wardrobe malfunction would have been viewed by many, many people. The last game in the series pulled in over 18 million viewers.

So, plenty were watching.

People started doubting whether they saw it live

And the public needed to check the facts

Suddenly, it was all the internet could talk about

#LeBronsWeiner started to do the rounds on Twitter, which makes perfect sense

Interesting analysis.

And, of course, parody accounts started to spring up

Take from this saga what you will, but one thing is for certain, all of us non-basketball fans know who LeBron is now


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