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Basketball team agrees to allow player to use 'f**k' as his last name
Because, er, it is his actual name.

THERE’S UNFORTUNATE NAMES and then there’s deeply unfortunate names.

Meet Guy Carbogiale Fuck.

The Brazilian-born basketball player, who is now based in Canada, has recently won the right to use his last name in basketball tournaments.

Pronounced “foo-key”, the name is German and is said to mean “fox”. Despite that relatively harmless origin, however, the sportsman has repeatedly shied away from using it because of the negative connotations.

Instead, he just went by Guy Carbogiale.

Upon moving to Canada in 2014, he decided that he wanted to use his name. As he told CBC:

It’s my last name, I’m proud of it. Doesn’t matter if it means something bad.

And he finally gained permission to do so when his team came seventh in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association men’s basketball championship this month.

That news led to this rather wonderful headline in the Medicine Hat News.

name2 Medicine Hat News Medicine Hat News

For his part, Fuck has pledged to keep his unique surname alive.

I want to have kids, I want to spread the Fuck last name.

Good lad yourself.

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