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Is 'BatDad' the coolest Dad ever?
He’s the superhero every kid deserves.

IMAGINE BEING ABLE to tell your friends that your Dad is Batman.

Well Blake Wilson’s kids can–sorta.

Wilson, AKA BatDad, uploads short clips of himself doling out stern advice to his family dressed as Batman, because why not?

BatDad’s Vine account has gone viral since the Atlanta native begun recording the amusing clips.

Wilson is seen wearing a batman mask and utilising that trademark raspy voice as he lays down the law with his wife and kids–in the best possible way.

Whether it’s picture day, noisy eating, or the lack of a seatbelt… Wilson has fatherly advice to give, all in the style of the caped crusader.

Wilson told Buzzfeed that it all started when he spotted the Batman mask when he was shopping with his wife in the toy aisle of a supermarket. He got attached, bought it and put it on for the drive home. His wife dubbed him BatDad, and making the videos was so much fun he kept it up.

BatDad Vine

Ben Affleck better watch out.

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