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Batgirl to walk once more...

A 23-year-old storyline which saw superheroine Batgirl confined to a wheelchair is to be changed by DC Comics – but the decision is proving controversial.

Image: Jeff Harris via Creative Commons

AFTER TWENTY YEARS without the use of her legs, super-heroine Batgirl is to walk again – after directors at DC Comics decided to shake up storylines.

The story of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, is one of the most popular superhero tales: originally a police commissioner’s daughter-turned crime fighter, the character battled with adversity when she was shot and paralysed by the villain The Joker.

Left paraplegic after the shooting, Gordon used her skills as a librarian to fight crime under a new persona – a hacker who tracked down cyber-criminals, named The Oracle.

The decision to miraculously give the character back the use of her legs has proved controversial, with fans condemning the removal of one of only disabled superhero figures from comicbook pages, the Telegraph reports.

DC Comics is attempting to revive its storylines, and is allowing writers to go revisit old narratives to make them more attractive to modern audiences, the Guardian reports. Other change include alterations to Superman’s usual attire: the Man of Steel will no longer wear his trademark red pants outside a blue suit – instead favouring a, more contemporary, pair of jeans, comicbook.com reports.

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