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5 reasons why we still don't forgive JK Rowling for the Harry Potter finale

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the key Battle of Hogwarts, according to the book series’ timeline.

A MOMENT OF SILENCE for Battle of Hogwarts fallen.

If you haven’t read the book series or seen the films yet, there are many spoilers ahead. Dobby is warning you.

tumblr_l7hg5uAZ5a1qanigd Source: PhotoBucket

But seriously, why haven’t you read them yet? Come on now.

In the series’ timeline, the battle took place on the 2 May 1998, meaning today is the 16th anniversary of Voldemort’s defeat.

JK Rowling was looking back on the battle herself this morning, and tweeted that she was having a moment’s silence for the dead:

You hated it? WE HATED IT. And though many, many brilliant things happened in the final book, Potterheads still haven’t forgiven you for the following things.

1) Hedwig’s death

You killed off his parents at the start of the series. Then you go and kill off his pet? Real sound.

Harry-Potter-Hedwig Source: Harry Potter Wiki

2) Fred’s death

This was just too much.

An eagle-eyed fan has pointed out that at the end of the final movie, George looks around for Fred to celebrate with him…but no one is there. We don’t want to live on this planet any more.

pUXHiec Source: Imgur

3) Lupin and Tonks’ deaths

And this heartbreaking visual:

Remus and Tonks, pale and still and peaceful-looking, apparently asleep beneath the dark, enchanted ceiling.

NymphadoraRemusDeaths Source: Harry Potter Wikia


4) Dobby’s death

RIP-Dobby-rip-dobby-28501562-500-209 Source: BlogSpot

Ah god. If you didn’t tear up at that gif, you have no heart.

Why did you do that to Dobby, JK?

5) THAT epilogue

OK, so it’s not strictly a death in the books, but it was the moment we the readers died of cringe overload.

Not to mention pity for the poor child saddled with the name Albus Severus Potter.

CA.0802.harry.potter.hallows.2. Source: HarryPotterForum.com

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