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Forecaster predicts scorching temperatures of 99 degrees in BBC weather fail

Ninety-nine degrees? That’s a bit hot for us now.

TECHNICAL BOO-BOOS have often brought people to boiling point, but this is another thing altogether.

A forecaster on BBC Breakfast accidentally predicted temperatures of 99 degrees in several “Town Names” this morning – a far cry from the “chilly start” she promised at the start of her update.

bbcbreakfast Source: BBC Breakfast

Watch the dismay creeping over her face as she clocks the mistake and hastes to cover the screen.


Fortunately she and the hosts are excellent sports, and had a good joke about it all.

That was entirely my fault. I clicked my clicker twice and it that came up.
Do you know, it’s going to be boiling in Town Name!
I know, 99! Ding dong.

Oh, how we laughed.

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