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11 ways you mortified yourself on Bebo

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BEBO YESTERDAY ANNOUNCED initial signs of a comeback. The social network released a video-messaging app Blab, but we doubt we’d quite make a show of ourselves like we did in our Bebo days.

Your awkward youth, splashed on the net for all to see.

1. You got annoyed at your friends for not giving you one of their luvs

How DARE they. Such a rarity was Bebo love, so coveted.


You’d make arrangements with your friends to give each other your loves for days on end to get your count up. You fooled no one.


2. The way you wrote in general

Bebo is only responsible for about 90% of this generation’s spelling and grammatical mistakes.



3. You compared view counts with your friends

Don’t pretend that you didn’t sit there refreshing the page to get your views up.


4. Your flashbox was this

Or something with a similar tempo

andresasca / YouTube

5. Your whiteboard art

It was like your worst attempts in MS Paint, made public.


6. Your other half was your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend

And you had something cute ‘nd giggly to say about them.


7. Your Bebo skin was literally the worst thing in the world

Oh God, make them stop.

10061729934_main_bg_ Bebo Bebo



8. The selection of your top 16 friends was one of the most conflicted and reexamined decisions you’ve ever made in your life

If you fell out with someone, your first port-of-call was to log on to Bebo and take them out of your 16 chosen ones.


You also found out that someone was annoyed with you this way.

9. You actually admitted that you ‘hooked up’ with many of your Bebo friends

Hey world! I shifted the face off this person. We also ‘met randomly’.

956831789_ac7e38ec13 Factoryjoe Factoryjoe

10. You became friends with profiles designed specifically to categorise your top 16

How ELSE would anyone know that you could never hate your bezzie mate?


11. You answered questionnaires and hoped people would read them and get the hint

Do you have a crush? YEH.

The quizzes usually contained insightful questions such as:

  1. what woke you up this morning?
  2. is tomorrow going to be a good day?
  3. do you like anybody?
  4. ever thrown up in public?
  5. what’s on your mind RIGHT NOW?


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