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This is not a drill: Bebo is back*

(*But not as you remember it.)

GOOD NEWS FOR anyone who has been holding a candle for Bebo over the past couple of years: the social network is planning a comeback.

How do we know this?

It says so in no uncertain terms on its site.

bebo Source: Bebo

However, we sadly won’t be sharing love or uploading flashboxes.

Instead the website is launching three new apps this year.

Firstly there’s Blab, a video messaging app not unlike Snapchat, which is currently available for download on the iTunes Store. Judging by the pastel colours and bubble writing, we think this may be one for the tweens.

blab Source: Bebo

Then there’s this app, which is currently in beta testing and launched today.

It’s described as a mixture between “Snapchat and Facebook messenger” with some added Bitstrip-style animation.

Some users have described it as “frankly weird”, which doesn’t necessarily bode well.

There’s also a third mysterious app, but that has yet to launch.

One thing’s pretty clear, though: this is a Bebo for a new generation.

So no “sharing da luv”.

No flashboxes.

No rearranging your top 16 and inadvertently starting beef with friends.

On the bright side, no delayed mortification.

Welcome back, Bebo!

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