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Researchers find elusive European parent of lager yeast in Ireland
Researchers at UCD discovered and isolated S eubayanus in a wooded area of their campus.
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Heineken moves to take sole control of Irish drinks company behind Dutch Gold
Comans Beverages Ltd also distributes brands like Prazky, Druids cider and Karpackie.
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'Success has many metrics. Seeing our team and their families grow is really satisfying'
Simon Lynch, the co-founder of Wicklow Wolf brewery, talks bees, rugby and hops.
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Beer, squad sizes, CVC, and growing the game - World Rugby launches the World Cup
It was an interesting press conference in Tokyo with the tournament starting in three days.
'In Germany we are not used to the claim culture': Dublin Oktoberfest event cancelled due to insurance cost
The festival was scheduled to take place on George’s Dock, beside the IFSC, from Friday 14 September until Saturday 6 October.
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Stolen beer kegs worth over €1 million recovered by police
Two men were arrested as a result of the PSNI’s searches.
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'I don't think I've seen one person drink a beer in my entire time there ever'
Irish marathon runner David Flynn on life in Morocco and his obsession with making the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
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Wine before beer, or beer before wine? Either way, you'll be hungover - study
“The only reliable way of predicting how miserable you’ll feel the next day is by how drunk you feel and whether you are sick.”
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People given free beer as temperatures top 49 degrees in Australia
Heat-stressed bats are falling from trees.
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Revenue seizes 24,000 litres of beer at Dublin Port
The driver, a man in his 50s from the UK, was questioned about the smuggled alcohol.
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Kitchen Secrets: Our readers' favourite foods to eat with beer
And a couple of recipes too!
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What Irish businesses can learn from the man who mopped up the Guinness Light disaster
Brand expert David Gluckman talks about marketing taboos and why focus groups are flawed.
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County breakdown: Cork leading the way as Irish craft breweries grow by 500%
Westmeath is the only county in the Republic of Ireland with no microbrewery.
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Molson Coors' Irish losses have doubled as pub beer sales dry up
The company’s local division still expects to be profitable before 2020.
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Giovinco takes a swig of beer launched from the crowd at Toronto FC team-mate Altidore
The ex-Juventus man also scored a delicious free-kick as his club set an MLS points-tally record.
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New course hoping to make most of brewing and distillery 'renaissance'
18 students will soon start the honours degree course, the first of its kind in Ireland.
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Australian breweries apologise for famine-themed beer
The beer had been criticised as “disgusting and offensive” and “an absolute disgrace”.
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Booze, petrol, cigs: This is how much an extra 10 cent on our 'luxuries' would bring in
An increase of a couple of cent could mean big bucks to the State coffers.
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How beer and whiskey became Irish specialities
And how the ‘boilermaker’ cocktail is having a bit of a moment.
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Notions alert - the 'world's most expensive crisps' cost €51 for a box of five
Five. Just five crisps. Would you be WELL?
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Craft beer takeover to continue as Irish college offers first ever brewing course
Classes begin September of next year.
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People who make craft beer might get a happy boost in the Budget
Agriculture Minister Michael Creed told that he has been consulting with people in the microbrewery industry on how to boost business even more.
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Oktoberfest kicks off with heightened security over terrorism fears
The festival kicked off earlier today with hundreds of thousands expected to attend.
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7 reasons Copenhagen should probably be next on your city break hit list
Not just Hans Christian Andersen – Copenhagen has incredible New Nordic food, achingly cool coffee spots and more Borgen than you can shake a stick at…
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11 of the absolute best Irish craft beer names
Bravo, everyone.
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5,000-year-old beer recipe found on ancient Chinese pottery
New research suggests that barley made its way to China about 1,000 years earlier than previously believed.
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This 1916 Rising-inspired beer caused quite a stir on Liveline today
The inventors say they wanted to pay tribute to the Rising with their half-English, half-Irish beer.
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This Tipperary stout has been named the best in Ireland
Take a bow, White Gypsy.
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Here's how one daughter chose to celebrate her parents' anniversary
Uniting their passions in life.
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This might be the most honest beer bottle blurb ever
No mention of smooth finishes here.
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Twitter ripped the piss out of Conor McGregor for posing with this beer
“You’re a disgrace.”
Alcohol pricing: Here's how the planned changes will affect your pocket
The government has announced that it will be setting the price of alcohol at €1 a unit.
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WATCH: Inside St James's Gate as our homebrew finalists get cracking on their Christmas ales
Plus your chance to win tickets to the live event on 9 December.
Lucky homebrewers got the chance of a lifetime to brew their recipes in St James's Gate - let's meet them
And see how they got on.
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Man on death row barred from having a six-pack of beer with his last meal
“His request was declined as alcohol is a contraband item…”
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Saudi police find 48,000 cans of Heineken disguised as Pepsi
Bucket to bottle - here's how we made our own homebrew in office, and were let loose to make their own office homebrew.
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Most of the big beer brands the world drinks will soon come from just one company
You name it, they will be brewing it soon.
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Judge accused of asking an FBI agent to spy on his family in exchange for free beer
“No no no. You’ve had to take time. And I’m glad to do something…”
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From over 200 entries to just two - after tasting and testing, we're nearly ready to announce our homebrew finalists
Two lucky homebrewers have won the chance to brew in the Pilot Brewery at St James’s Gate in Dublin next week.