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# Sign Language
15 perfect alterations to once-boring signs
Thank you for improving our world, sign alterers.

1. This sign saving people from a world of discomfort

Those bushes look mean.


2. This handy beauty advice


3. This sign which knows the pain of a burnt mouth

If you eat the pie too quickly after stepping out of the building.

4. This florist whose new name is much more memorable


5. This multi-functional hand dryer

6. This sign striking terror into speeding drivers

7. This sign combining religion and delicious dessert

8. This heartwarming act of kindness

Imagine helping someone else’s mum across the street. Beautiful.

9. This inspiration to us all

Wikimedia Commons

10. This surprisingly honest name for a bed shop


11. This sign which gives road safety that all-important thrill

Sarah777/Creative Commons

12. This sign which finally gives jellyfish some recognition

13. This interesting festive event


14. This sign which finally acknowledges the important contribution of bubbles

15. And this sign

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