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The 15 greatest photobombers of 2015, ranked in reverse order

The art of photobombing is not dead.

15. Probably-Dead-Now Guy

Source: lmgray

14. Camouflage Shitting Dog

Source: Imgur

13. ‘This Big’ Rubberbandit Dude

Is it one of the Rubberbandits? Is it someone in a cosmetic face mask? Why is he doing the “this big” motion? So many questions

Source: Imgur

12. ‘Man, My Life Is A Mess’ Panda

Seriously, are you dribbling bamboo down your front? Get a grip man.

Source: Imgur

11. Pure Evil Wedding Goblin

All the best on your wedding. Now, you must make this photo go viral or be cursed forever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Source: Imgur

10. Creepy-As-Hell Car

Seriously, car. Get a grip.

Source: WatermelonPOWAH/Reddit

9. Extreme Derp Cat

Source: absolutekraze/reddit

8. Extreme Eugh Woman

This was ALMOST a kind of boring photograph.

Source: Imgur

7. Bad Joke Giraffe

“GUYS GUYS what’s the internet’s favourite animal… The lynx… the LYNX… huh? huh?”

Source: Gary King

6. Outta My Way Turtle

“Is that ano- are they tourists? Well there is no WAY I’m waiting for them to take the pho-”

Source: jojo_powerranger

5. ‘I’ll Have Thablarglarglargl’ Seagull

Source: Imgur

4. ‘Lovely Day For A Guinness’ Waiter 

We wonder how many of those burgers made it to the table. We wonder.

Source: sarkytyke/Imgur

3. ‘This Is What You Look Like’ Dog

He held it in for so many selfies. One day, he snapped.

Source: couchy91/reddit

2. Prude Cat

“omg EW gross” ~~does paw down throat motion~~

Source: @newyorkist

1. And Paul O’Connell.

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