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12 awesome TV bedrooms we all wanted to sleep in

Our miserable box rooms were NOTHING in comparison.

AS A KID, your bedroom is all you’ve got to call your own.

There’s the excitement of decorating it, plastering it with posters, and carefully displaying your ‘cool’ bits and bobs around so they’ll be tactfully seen by whoever stops by.

But then you turn on the TV, and all of your bedroom interior dreams are ruined by crushing inadequacy against animators and set designers.

Here are twelve of television’s best bedrooms that our shared box-room with bunk beds could never live up to.

1. Drake and Josh

A bed. On a platform. Is there any greater joy as a kid?

It’s like average sleeping, but higher.

Drake and Josh are strong contenders for the best Nickelodeon room in history, and there are a lot of great ones.

drakenjosh-88944299857 Source: Sodahead

So much room for activities.

drakeandjosh_newteacher Source: Mtvnimages

2. Dawson’s Creek

Dawson may be drippy, but his bedroom is anything but. It was like a damn Planet Hollywood in there with all that movie memorabilia hanging around. But most importantly, it was accessible from a ladder below the porch. A secret entrance, the holy grail of all room envy.

creepydawsonsroom Source: Starnewsonline

3. That 70s Show

Eric’s basement wasn’t technically his room, but we still dreamed of the day we’d have a space where mammy and daddy wouldn’t pop in unexpectedly, catching us with the wacky tabacky.

Yeah, we’d even sit on deck chairs.

basement Source: Wylie RTF 305 Blog

4. Clarissa Explains it all

Just one of the many things we were envious of Clarissa for. Her clothes, her mad photography skills, her second name being darling, these amazing dinosaur earrings…

clarissa-accessories Source: The Autumn Issue

Most of all though, it was her rad room.

Clarissa-Explains-It-All-clarissa-explains-it-all-25893959-491-471 Source: Fanpop

Window entrance, check.

Various car parts on the walls? Check.


tumblr_lbsjnh9qty1qab1jso1_500 Source: Tumblr/Thule

5. The OC

Ryan’s pool-house was the ultimate teen pad.

Never mind the inside–which was a bit too ‘adult’ for us–but think of the pool access. Morning shower? No, morning dip.

tumblr_ms4hu10eIV1r5h3auo1_500 Source: Tumblr/Smittensilly

tumblr_m55tt5gI9C1qgs4hjo1_1280 Source: TV Hangover

6. Sex and the City

Let’s be honest with ourselves, men, women, children–we all wanted Carrie’s New York apartment.

carries-apt-window-night-511x288 Source: Hookedonhouses

carries-apt-packing-up-511x288 Source: Hookedonhouses

What woman didn’t want that wardrobe? In fact, we’d be happy now if our dingy apartment was even half as nice as the closet alone.

carries-closet-via-hbo-site Source: Hookedonhouses

7. California Dreams

If we couldn’t have Matt’s life, we’ll settle for his basement. If you could throw in our own teen-pop band to jam with too, that’d be amazing.

roommatt Source: YouTube/Elaine Noriega

8. Boy Meets World

Cory’s Room was organised chaos.

Why oh why do Irish builders never put in those window seats with the drawers under them? Think of all the stuff you could put in there.

boy_meets_world Source: Brobible

9. Hey Arnold!

What a badass that football head was. As the only cartoon to make the list (we’re realists here), Arnold’s loft room with the bed that comes out of the wall–amazing.

Source: Admercial

Someone’s only gone and made a real-life replica. Want.

tumblr_m2wa2oU1J51qztq1xo1_500 Source: Tumblr/Prophetized

tumblr_m2wa2oU1J51qztq1xo2_500 Source: Tumblr/Prophetized

10. Gilmore Girls

Rory’s room always looked amazingly comfy, and was weirdly situated downstairs just off the kitchen. Peak snacking location, we approve.

Lorelais-house-Rorys-room-3-611x458 Source: Hookedonhouses

11. Gossip Girl

Dan’s room and whole Brooklyn loft made us green. We thought you were the poor one Dan?!

Look at that book shelf, the exposed brick, the garage door separating the bedrooms.

Want it all.

-Story+Wythe+Hotel+in+Brooklyn+-+11 Source: The Lemon Pear

12. Raising Dad

Remember Raising Dad? Of course you do.

Sarah had a proper basement bedroom with loads of junk on the walls and your very own door. You could skip the family household interaction altogether, as well as sneak your friends in.

Living the dream, Sarah, living the dream.

raisingdad1 Source: YouTube/kaoschic


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