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Music festivals

19 great things little that have happened at Irish music festivals

What will happen at an Irish festival? WHO KNOWS.

IRISH FESTIVALS ARE a special place. Remember this lot?

1. The gardai being generally sound

Like when they raved in a tent at Electric Picnic 2006.

donals / YouTube

Or these ones at Indiependence.

Patrick Ahern / YouTube

2. This very Irish reason to close up shop at Sea Sessions 2015

abodyandsoul-630x354 Michael McGrath, Ballyshannon Michael McGrath, Ballyshannon

3. Amanda Brunker performs at 2011 Oxegen

Who could forget. In fairness, there were about four people there having a great old time.

MrMegainfo / YouTube

4. And the good ones…

Who can forget Arcade Fire’s legendary EP set in 2005. Special mention goes out to the Flaming Lips at Forbidden Fruit in 2011. That hamster wheel was something special.


5. The attire

Always on point. Electric Picnic 2009

Electric Picnic Festival - Ireland PA Wire PA Wire

This lad at Féile Trip to Tipp 1994

bren3-630x425 Eamon Brennan via Feile Trip to Tipp Eamon Brennan via Feile Trip to Tipp

EP 2010

4/9/2010. Electric Picnic 2010. Performer Kami at the Electric Picnic in Stradbally Co Laois on Saturday afternoon. Photo: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland Laura Hutton Photocall Ireland! Laura Hutton Photocall Ireland!

This lad at Oxegen 2010. Who needs clothes when you’ve got a marker?


6. When someone tried to sneak a fish into Slane

OK not strictly a festival, but it’s a big Irish summer gig institution. Now tell us, why can’t these fish enjoy it too?

CGQ175xW8AEcVTg Nicola Byrne Nicola Byrne

7. The absolute dancers

Aileen O'Donovan / YouTube

8. Almost beats this women dancing at Longitude last year



Michael K / YouTube

9. This guy breakdancing in the mud at Oxegen 2007

This guy does NGAF.


10. The Oxegen microphone man

A hero walks among us. Mark Breen from Cuckoo Events became the hero of many Oxegens, with his witty safety and information voiceovers across the campsites. Hashtag BANTER.

263982_2051958293891_146919_n Oxegen Microphone Man Oxegen Microphone Man

11. When the electricity went off during Bonnie Tyler’s EP set

The irony Gods were looking down on us when Bonnie Tyler’s set was interrupted in the Electric Ireland Power House tent at EP last year, due to a power cut.

Not to worry, festival go-ers filled in the gaps.

Electric Ireland / YouTube

12. The dodgy celebrity spots

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were knocking about Oxegen in 2007 and the campsite stood still. Josh Hartnett was also rumoured to have been seen. The excitement. We’ll take what we can get.

Joe835 / YouTube

13. This craic with the garda at Slane

Conor Steenson / YouTube

14. Mud slides

Not the premeditated ones, but the ones filmed behind the scenes.

ProtectingIreland / YouTube

15. When Hozier got the Longitude crowd to sing Happy Birthday to his 12-year-old neighbour


16. This can bonfire at Trip to Tipp 1994

bren1-630x427 Eamon Brennan via Féile Eamon Brennan via Féile

17. This muddy kiss during the Oxegen wash out of 2011


18. The lad who accused Beyonce of this in 2011

Beyonce actually played Oxegen. Bow down.


19. When the actual president went to EP

He was appearing on the literary stage and not technically the president yet, but STILL.

00123835 Rolling Rolling