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16 reasons Beyoncé is actually just like us

She’s actually a human being you know. Honestly.

THIS WEEKEND SEES Beyoncé play two sold out shows in Dublin.

We’re sure there’ll be all the hits, lots of dancing and the general amazingness Beyoncé is known for.

Despite her seemingly superhuman abilities on the stage we Beyoncé reckon is more everyday than she gets credit for and here’s why.

1. She’s not afraid to let it all out

Some days you just wanna have a little scream, even Beyoncé does sometimes:

Joel Ryan/AP/Press Association Images

2. She likes to think about things

You know how it is, you’re going about your day and then you pause and think “Oh god, did I leave the immersion on?!?”

Same thing happens to Beyoncé all the time.


Yosra El-Essawy/AP/Press Association Images

3. Her and her fella have a great time

She may be a pop superstar but Beyoncé is mad for just hanging around with her fella and holding his hand.

She’s the salt of the Earth that Beyoncé.

Ramon Espinosa/AP/Press Association Images

4. Sometimes she can be a bit fed up

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows even when you’re Queen of Everything, here is Beyoncé’s rather excellent “Ugh, really? Gross.” face:

Beyoncé / Tumblr

5. She is careful with her things

If we all had things like Grammy awards we’d be very protective of them because we know you have to look after your things.

We reckon Beyoncé feels the same, given how she’s sneaking backstage with her Grammy here:

Matt Sayles/AP/Press Association Images

6. Sometimes she can look a bit silly

You know when you go a night out and you’re out on the dancefloor thinking your are just IT but actually you look ridiculous?

Beyoncé knows how you feel:

Mark Humphrey/AP/Press Association Images

Like, she’s right there with you:

Mark Humphrey/AP/Press Association Images

And she’s morto looking at the pictures back on Facebook the next day:

Mark Humphrey/AP/Press Association Images

7. Bad hair days can happen to her too

You know how it is, you get the locks looking fresh and then rain or something equally terrible makes a mess of it.

Still, have you ever looked your own hair is about to kill you?

Beyoncé has:

Matt Slocum/AP/Press Association Images

In fact Beyoncé’s hair has put her through such torture that it tried to escape into a crowd of fans once:

Charlie Riedel/AP/Press Association Images

After that terrifying ordeal Beyoncé had to lie down

Charlie Riedel/AP/Press Association Images

8. She loves to laugh

Pat Sullivan/AP/Press Association Images

Who doesn’t enjoy a good chuckle every now and then?

If this rather hypnotic compilation is anything to go by, Beyoncé certainly does:

Dorothy Ee / YouTube

9. Stress happens to her too

Are you under stress right now?

Is this article stressing you out?

It seems to be stressing Beyoncé out anyway, look at her:

Beyoncé / Tumblr


10. Yawning is not alien to her.

We’ve all had to yawn and then styled it into something cute afterwards:

via Teen.com

Beyoncé? More like BeYAWNcé right? RIGHT?


11. Her mum is a total character just like yours

Beyoncé’s mum Tina Knowles has been a big part of her career including designing many of her outfits when she was in Destiny’s Child.

They seem to get on really well and like many of us, Beyoncé’s mum seems like a gas character.

As evidence we present this picture of Tina in an art galley, holding a glass of wine and having NONE of your messing:

Beyoncé / Tumblr

12.  She likes to get loose

Who doesn’t want to just let themselves go every so often and make this face:

Why Must You Torture Me So / Tumblr

13. She loves using her laptop

Beyoncé is just like you or I, she enjoys whiling away the hours on her laptop probably stalking former school friends on Facebook and watching videos of cats laughing.

Well at least that’s what we assume she gets up to anyway.

Beyoncé / Tumblr

14. Sometimes she is just not having it.

There are many moments in your day where you just think “I’m really over this”  and Beyoncé has them too:

Diego Sioli / Tumblr

15. Beyoncé is not afraid to speak her mind

And it doesn’t matter where she may be.

Here is Beyoncé probably telling a back-up dance to not get so fresh with her or something similar:

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

16. She loves her friends

Underneath all that superstar glam living Beyoncé just loves to have fun with her friends:

Beyoncé / Tumblr

Exchange secrets with them:

Amy Sancetta/AP/Press Association Images

Or even just do a pre-flight dance routine:

Beyoncé / Tumblr

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