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Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland crashed these girls' karaoke session

While they were singing Beyoncé.

THREE GIRLS WERE at a karaoke bar in Miami on Tuesday night, just letting loose all over their favourite tunes.

As the night wore on, one of the girls fell asleep on a couch. The other two wanted to get things going. As Sing Sing Miami posted on its Facebook:

So imagine it’s just a regular Tuesday night [...] You’re tired. One of your friends fell asleep. You decide to sing Party by Beyoncé to liven things up.A few minutes into the song, two women walk into your room and start singing and dancing. Okaaaay, sure, come on in strangers. Wait. You guys look a lot like… Are you Serious? And then it hits you. You’re not dreaming. These two women are Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.And you’re singing her song.

Here’s the moment the girls realised what was going on. (Beyoncé is in the black beanie hat.)

Source: Facebook

Here’s Beyoncé looking like she’s giving it loads:

Source: Facebook

And here’s Beyoncé posing for a photo with their sleeping friend. No biggie.

Source: Facebook

Beyoncé and Kelly:

Source: Twitter/@TheBeyHiveTeam

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