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# China
Man suspected of setting karaoke lounge on fire, killing 18, was 'drunk and had a fight'
The suspect reportedly used a motorcycle to block the building’s door.
# morto
This Irish 'couple' made a holy show of themselves with a fake proposal at an outdoor karaoke event
You can’t take us anywhere
# Vietnam
Man kills wedding guest after being booed off stage during karaoke performance
44-year-old Nguyen Ngoc Diep went on a stabbing spree at the wedding party after another guest mocked his singing and stole the microphone.
# Karaoke
Buskers in Dublin have been banned from using backing tracks
Street performers will also need enough material to play for 30 minutes without repetition
# throne of lies
Is Elf your favourite Christmas film? This Dublin cinema has the party for you
Go and be among your fellow cotton-headed ninnymugginses.
# sing that song
6 of the best places to sing karaoke in Dublin
Don’t STOP, beeeelievin’.
# fresh half blood prince
No one can get over this cringey video of Daniel Radcliffe rapping Eminem
Ten points to Gryffindor! Or should that be ‘from’? We can’t decide.
# Too Cute
This adorable kid singing Ed Sheeran is all of us doing karaoke
He gives it his all, in fairness.
# show me love
Samuel L. Jackson does a killer karaoke rendition of Show Me Love
The man’s got game.
# Week in Web
Weird Wide Web: Slingshot, karaoke and a cardboard box
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
# One day more
Dublin man recreates epic Les Mis song, playing most of the characters himself
Do you hear the people sing?
# housebound
8 fun things you can do indoors this stormy weekend (that aren't filthy)
Storm’s a comin’.
# spit on me michael
Last night's Late Late Show featured a Michael Bolton karaoke contest
# bed down
Your chance to actually meet Mattress Mick is here, karaoke style!
Dublin’s mattress superstar is making a public appearance.
# sing it
Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland crashed these girls' karaoke session
While they were singing Beyoncé.
# Up All Night
Bono and The Edge cover Get Lucky in wedding-band style
Oh. My. God.
# something fishy?
Dublin students sing Miley Cyrus while being slapped with a dead fish
Sure what else would they be doing?
# karaoke craic
The DOs and DON'Ts of doing karaoke
You’ll be the best karaoke craic ever.
# sing what?
Two-week-old karaoke app has 70k users and Lindsay Lohan's a huge fan
What on earth is Just Sing It?
# comparison
10 reasons why Ronan O’Gara and Robbie Keane are practically the same person
Have you ever seen them in the same room?
# ned ryerson
Bill Murray will party with anyone... here's the evidence
Having a party? Invite Bill Murray… he might come.
# 50 shades of meme
The 7 most hilarious parodies of Fifty Shades of Grey
Musicals, SFW versions – and which 50 shades are they actually talking about? It’s all here.
# On song
Karaoke kings and queens called to Kerry
What do you mean you didn’t know the World Karaoke Championships are at the INEC from tonight? Where the Tina Turner have been?
# Sing Star
Sing when you're winning: Rooney murders classic songs
Video footage of the Manchester United star’s karaoke session has surfaced. And it’s not pretty.
# Ireland ♥ Karaoke
Don't Stop Butchering: Journey's hit tops the Irish karaoke charts
Journey’s Dont Stop Believing tops the poll of favourite karaoke tunes in a nationwide survey of 400 people.
# Jude B Goode
Is Jude Law a secret karaoke fanatic?
He owns the stage on a recent Czech trip.