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9 of Beyoncé's pyjama outfits in her 7/11 video, ranked in order
Pyjama game strong.

BEYONCÉ’S NEW VIDEO 7/11 is currently burning up the internet.

It features Bey and her girlfriends hanging around in a hotel suite, drinking, and basically acting the maggot in their pyjamas.

So how do Beyoncé’s lounging-around outfits match up to yours? We’ve conveniently ranked them for you.

9. Basic long-sleeved t-shirt affair

Great for watching box sets, we guess? But, you know. Basic.

8. Dressing gown and pants

Comfort with the added benefit of warmth. We’re going to guess that dressing gown is one of those really nice soft ones.

7. Borderline-explicit white trews

Basic, but only celebrities are allowed get away with wearing white trousers, which bumps this up the fabulousness rankings somewhat.

6. Mystery lacy bodysuit rig-out

Why would you even own this garment? When would you decide to put it on? Anyway, it’s a great.

5. ‘Kale’ jumper

So Beyoncé is a kate-eating hipster. Who knew?

4. Pants and fur coat

Some people might say they wouldn’t just wear pants and a fur coat if they could get away with it. Those people are liars.

3. ‘Cake By The Pound’

An excellent jumper AND a life manifesto. Full marks.

2. All of this

No words.

1. Christmas jumper branded with your own name and song lyrics

Literally the actual, real dream. PLEASE BEYONCÉ DO THE TWELVE PUBS WITH US.

Here’s the full video:

Beyoncé / YouTube